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Whether you call us TSH Tech Solutions®, NETSOL®, or NSI®, our experienced Customer Service Representatives are here to help your business succeed online. We’re happy to help when you need assistance with a product, insight into your website performance, or answers to questions about your account.

  •  The 25-year industry leader
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Proactive communication
  • Knowledge, professionalism, experience

Website solutions you can rely on

For over 25 years, Network Solutions has been the authoritative expert on domains. We were the first — providing the .coms, .orgs, .nets, and .edus that got the internet going. And, while other competitors have come and gone, Network Solutions is still going strong.

We serve both Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs alike, with more than just domains. Gain access to an entire suite of services to make your business thrive in this ever-changing world. Choose Network Solutions when you need an expert — because, for your business, only an expert will do.

Helping you stay on top of your game

It is important to share what we know with our customers – that’s why we created our educational Help Center. Here you can learn how to make the most of the our services with articles and guides, webinars, and informational videos. We’ll tell you all about a wide range of topics, including managing computer networks, corporate local networks, global computer information networks, and computer network addresses. We also provide directory services for locating the computer network addresses and demographic information of business entities you may be looking for.

Grow your business with us

We provide a number services that help your businesses grow and succeed. These include Domain name registration, website design and hosting services, website security services, email and electronic mail storage, hosted exchange, mobile email and message forwarding services. Need an IT expert on staff?  Let our experts do the work for you.  We also offer a number of consultation services, including designing fire walls, computer management services, registering and tracking web addresses, directory services, and computer network address management services.

Case studies from our customers

Opera Glasses case study:

An opera singer chooses Network Solutions to create an artistic website that is as secure as it is lovely. “My artistic home is open, but at the same time, it’s protected. I’m not preoccupied with worrying about my website now that I’m with Network Solutions.” — Maria-Cristina Necula

Guitar Shop case study:

After a different provider let him down, a guitar seller discovered the website design partnership he needed in Network Solutions. “With my old provider, I was always just another customer. Now I’m working with someone who treats people the way I do. Gina took a personal interest in me and my business. It’s not every day that you get to build a rapport with people, and I really value the relationship we have.” — Frenchy Messier

Sales and Statistics

  • There’s over 3 million Network Solutions customers worldwide
  •  We manage millions of domains
  •  We build thousands of websites every year

Awards and Accolades

  • 2019 International Contact Management Instititute Best Large Contact Center  
  • Ranked in the Top 15 Trusted Certificate Authorities
  •  ICANN Accredited Registrar — since 2001
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